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About Sajini
Thank you for visiting our school and allowing me to share my story with you.  
My name is Sajini Yogasundram. I was born and raised in England.  At a young age, my public school teacher observed learning differences and anxiety and determined I needed a more individualized learning environment.  Instead of following my teacher’s recommendations, my parents decided to enroll me in a small French Catholic convent.  I learned the importance of feeling safe and loved, which enabled me to not only learn but thrive.  I spent my elementary years with the same class and teacher and after graduating, our family decided to move to the U.S.   tested three years ahead of my peers and went from being “learning different” to “gifted”.   I graduated at the age of 16 and went to college.  
I have worked in the private sector and in education environments. My mother had a Montessori school and spent by breaks at her schoo.  I fell in love with Montessori and decided to get my credential.  My instructor was taught by Mario Montessori, son of Maria Montessori and I became even more passionate about Montessori.  My instructor offered me a position to run one of her schools but I returned to my mom’s school and taught lower and upper elementary Montessori and eventually became an administrator/owner.  
I have two children born with a genetic disorder.  Doctors and other professionals told me my son would likely not be able to speak or be in normal general ed. classes.  I found that most of the private Montessori schools would not take my son because of his learning differences.  It was ironic because Maria Montessori started the entire program while working with kids with learning differences.
I decided to go back to school to get my Master of Science in Education from Johns Hopkins, so I could better navigate public schools for my own children.  I grew to love aspects of Montessori such as being mindful, hands-on learning, self-pacing, and the joy of learning, but also saw some gaps such as language integration, the importance of group learning and allowing children to speak to their teachers and their peers, freely.

I have found that each child learns differently and was able to use my Montessori credential, Masters and other programs to support my students and my own children.   My kids have surpassed all expectations…they learned to speak and with the help of individualized learning plans and amazing teachers, they are in classes with their peers and thriving.  My son is a wrestler at Mountain View High School and my daughter is a varsity cheerleader.  Being their mom also gave me opportunities to become a Boy Scout leader, a Girls on the Run coach, start a middle school game club, volunteer in the library, and lead one of the largest fundraisers at Crittenden Middle School.  
As my kids are about to graduate high school, I want to be able to give other students the same opportunities my children and I had:  love and support and individualized learning plans based on the child’s strengths.
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