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What is Montessori
What is Montessori?
It is a child-centered program that encourages independence and self-direction. The Mindful Montessori classroom emphasizes peer-to-peer learning as well as the importance of inclusion and acceptance. We carefully prepare the environment to enable the child to learn at their own pace through hands-on learning and individualized plans.
The intention is for each child to become a whole and integrated person.

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Sensorial at Mindful Montessori
Our Space
Our space is located in a dedicated, newly-built classroom

A Japanese garden with a water fountain, slide, and beautiful turquoise climbing structure invites the child to feel nature and beauty. A heritage Douglas Fir gives natural shade and acts as a base to a hammock swing. A child-sized picnic table and custom-built sand and sensory table rounds out the beautiful, outdoor space.

Practical Life at Mindful Montessori
About Sajini
About Me
My name is Sajini. I was born and raised in England. At a young age, my teacher observed learning differences.  My parents enrolled me in a small French Catholic convent, where I learned the importance of feeling safe and loved.  After primary school, my family moved to the US and I went from having a “learning disability” to being “gifted", graduating at the age of sixteen.  At college, I double-majored in Accounting and Human Resources with a minor in Sociology.  Later, I received my Montessori credential and opened a school in Dallas, Texas.

While I love many aspects of Montessori such as being mindful, hands-on learning, self-pacing, and the joy of learning, I realized there were some gaps. So, I went back to school and got my Master of Science in Education from Johns Hopkins. By teaching in various environments, I have learned the importance of language integration, group learning and allowing children to speak to their teachers and their peers, freely.

I have found that each child learns differently and have been able to help my students and my own children.  My son is a wrestler at Mountain View High School and my daughter is a varsity cheerleader.  Being their mom also gave me opportunities to be a Boy Scout leader, a Girls on the Run coach, and lead one of the largest fundraisers at Crittenden Middle School.  
As my kids are about to graduate high school, I want to be able to give to other students the same opportunities my children and I had:  love and support and individualized learning plans based on the child’s strengths.
Motor therapy. Child playing with montes
Circle Time, Sharing at Mindful Montessori
Typical Day
Cultural (Science & Geography)
A Typical
8:30 am    
9:00 am    
9:30 - noon 

noon - 4
Greetings and outdoor play
Circle Time, Sharing, Show & Tell
Individualized and group learning
  • Practical Life
  • Sensorial
  • Math
  • Language
  • Cultural (science and geography).
Lunch, outdoor play, nap and/or reading
Activities are carefully prepared to be self-paced, self-correcting and to encourage joy of learning.  
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